SEO Analytics

SEO analytics is the diagnostic center for a website. It provides evaluation of all traffic received on every page and its origin. It reveals how every hit was generated, how long a visitor stayed (bounce rate) and if they clicked though to other pages. It will inform us, as SEO analytics specialists, which search engine was used and even the search words typed into the browser that located the page. In short, SEO analytics, analyzes in detail how well SEO is working and where it may need improvement. By utilizing several different analytic tools your site can be fine-tuned to produce optimum results.

Google Webmaster Tools

Provided by Google, webmaster tools is a service that enables us to track and manage your site’s presence in Google. Google Webmaster Tools provides a lens into the way Google sees your site, enabling us to maximize its search returns. We can check accessibility and submit new content that delivers results without interfering with current optimized search. It also is a valuable aid in keeping your site spam and malware free.
Google Webmaster Tools enables us to see which inquiries generated results and which were the most effective in producing those results. We can also determine which sites are linking to your site and whether or not your mobile site is producing equally optimized results?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a very detailed tracking system of all traffic to your site and how it was generated. It breaks down customers into unique viewers and returning viewers. It shows if they came from links on other sites, from searching Google or other sources or from another page of your site. In addition, it gauges how long they remained on a page before leaving. Google Analytics allows us to tweak details and add content to boost reader value. This helps to increase returning visitors as well as attracting new views.

Bing Analytics

Bing is the second most relied upon search engine and Google’s biggest competitor from Microsoft. Bing Analytics, or Bing Webmaster Tools, provides much of the same features as Google but also offers some features not available in Google Analytics. In Bing Search we are able to manually submit URLs and block certain pages and directories from appearing in the search. With Google we may remove URLs but not in the analytics section. It must be done from the Optimization section. Bing can also be told to disregard incoming links that may be spammy or perverse.


CallRail is the leading system for phone tracking and analytics. CallRail offers features such as campaign level tracking, keyword level tracking, call recording and whisper messages. It can be integrated with Google Analytics, Google Adwords and WordPress to determine from what source every incoming call is generated. This tool is invaluable to track the conversion rate from pay per click and organic SEO campaigns. It also allows for whole team texting from a designated number, outbound call tracking, lead capture and voicemail transcription. CallRail provides total in depth evaluation of incoming and outgoing calls and texts, allowing for complete analysis of your SEO system and its effectiveness in every area.

Working SEO Analytics Designed for You

At Kando SEO we realize that every business is unique in the demographics that it targets as well as the scope of its geographic focus. We are able to custom design a campaign, which is tailored specifically to each client, to achieve optimum results. We also remain on board to ensure that the highest position in the search engines is maintained for the long term. Many SEO companies get fast results and walk away only to allow the rankings to drop off quickly. Our mission is to elevate your business the right way and keep you on top. All you need to do to take advantage of our Kando spirit is to contact us today, by phone or through this site. We are pleased to provide a free consultation.