Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services are designed specifically to return page views that can be converted in sales from a targeted geographical area. This could be by city, county, region or even a neighborhood. The scope would be determined by the type of business and how far a person is willing to travel to obtain a product or service. Also, how wide is the area served is by the specific business? A pizza delivery in Brooklyn may only deliver to the Flatbush section. Customers searching for pizza in New York City, for the most part, have little conversion potential. Our local SEO services will reach the potential patrons that only live in the targeted region

To be effective, local SEO services must use a variety of methods to dominate the local searches and place your business above the competition. This is accomplished through several different strategic practices such as:

Local Optimization

To reach potential clientele in a specific region, strategic local optimization of the search engines must be performed and constantly maintained. We use extensive keyword research with special software to determine what specific words and phrases are being used most frequently to find your type of business in your targeted area. If your business requires attracting customers from across a broad area we can expand the search range while also focusing on specific smaller areas as well. For example a car dealership may be located in Brooklyn but will attract customers from all five boroughs and Long Island. By comparison, a dry cleaning business may only want to attract customers within a couple square miles. Every business is unique in its targeted range. We understand this and can tailor the search phrases to any desired region, large or small.

Local Directory Submission

When a local search is conducted in Google, Bing or any of the other search engines, the listings on the local directories are the ones to appear first, in most cases. Local directory submission of your company to sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor and many others is critical to local SEO services being effective.

Professional Reviews Writing

When a local directory, like Google My Business, appears on the very top of the search results, it will display several businesses that are brought up by the keywords entered. It will list these businesses in order, according to the highest positive reviews by customers. This is a flawed system due to the fact that the competition can post negative reviews that are untrue and damaging. A newer business can suffer in the searches by not having enough reviews or by one or two reviewers who are overly critical. We can level that playing field with professional reviews writing that will put your business in a positive light and score highly with the local directory search returns.

We Get You Found Locally

At Kando SEO Services we take search engine optimization very seriously and use this dedication to bring businesses like yours to the first page of local searches. We are pleased to show you how we can custom tailor a local SEO campaign for you that will quickly move your business to the top and keep it there. Unlike other SEO marketing groups we use our Kando attitude to move you up and remain with you to ensure your top position in the future. Give us a call today, or fill out the form on this site, and receive a free consultation.