Pay Per Click Services

A critical part of local SEO services is a refined Pay Per Click marketing campaign. Pay Per Click services provide advertising on relative places around the internet that cost nothing unless a person clicks on the ad. The relevance of the keywords in the ad and the demand for using them determines the cost per click based on bid prices.

Keyword Research for Maximum Coverage

Determining the best keywords to choose for successful Pay Per Click services requires intensive research and analysis. Finding the words or phrase that is searched relatively frequently with a lower usage demand can reduce the click cost significantly while still effectively reaching potential clientele in the desired geographical area. One could spend a lot of money on a campaign and generate clicks by searchers who have no local potential at all. Choosing that right combination of keywords to cover a specific area is crucial to the success of local SEO.

Using Broad Match Modifiers for Saving Money

A broad match is where a search covers a wide variation related to a keyword search which includes things like misspellings, synonyms and other relevant search terms. A broad match modifier will identify a modified term and similar variations while eliminating synonyms. Compared to an exact match, a broad based search will produce greater results in a Pay Per Click campaign. Building a good keyword list is an important part of our Pay Per Click strategy. Because the returns on broad match searches are high, the overall cost of the campaign is reduced. Narrow search terms require more ad and specific keywords

Responsive Web Design

Websites are no longer viewed only on a desktop PC. Screen resolutions vary considerably from one device to another. A layout must auto-simplify to compensate for a pixel variation from four columns at 1292 pixels to the 1025 pixel screen, to the tablet and to the smart phone. This responsive web design is part of the many services we provide. Your pay per click ads will generate traffic but what good is it if the reader can’t view your complete page. We all know how frustrating it can be to land on a site where the text is too small or half the page is hidden. With our responsive web design this is never an issue.

Landing Pages with Relevant and Catchy Content

The purpose of a landing page is exactly as it sounds. It is a page where a visitor lands after clicking on an ad. The creativity of the content writer is very important here. The idea is to engage the reader and make him want to read on. Internet readers tend to scan a page looking for particular information, unlike hard copy readers. Breaking their habit is difficult and leading the reader to a target page is challenging. Creating engaging and relevant content not only captures the reader’s attention, but it is important for SEO also. Google, for example, analyzes content for quality writing and relevance. Keyword stuffing will get a site blacklisted today as will poor quality content filled with long run on sentences as well as spelling and grammatical errors. Our writers are experienced content writers, who are exceptional when it comes to quality and relevance.

Targeting and Schedule

Relevant text is delivered to users based on what engages them through contextual targeting. Using keyword contextual targeting will locate and engage consumers interested in your product or services. Your best potential clientele can be reached in this manner. This targeting will also keep your brand away from undesirable or competitive content through analyzation of the display network webpages. Ads can be scheduled ahead of time to appear at the times that are most effective to reach consumers.

The Kando Difference

Pay Per Click advertising with many SEO companies can be a very costly endeavor. This is usually because the person behind the campaign has limited understanding regarding methods like broad match modification and contextual targeting. We are very concerned with the budgetary needs of our customers and strive to produce the most effective Pay Per Click ads, getting the most out of every advertising dollar. To learn more about our marketing strategies and how they can work for your company contact us today for a free consultation. Learn what the Kando spirit can do for you.