SEO Services

Take advantage of our Kando spirit and watch your business increase dramatically. Gain greater visibility online than all of your competition through our Search Engine Optimization methods that are tailored specifically to your profession or industry. We implement local SEO services based on keyword research. We have skillful organic SEO services that get results and pay per click campaigns that will drive traffic to your website.

You worked hard to build your business and we will work hard for you to make it bigger with the Kando spirit.

Keyword Research

The life blood of SEO services is keyword research. This comprehensive scrutiny provides the words and phrases that potential customers use the most, while searching for a service or product. It also provides us with the proportionate amount of web pages that contain a specific word or phrase which indicates the amount of competition. Determining the best keywords to use, based on that information, is critical to the amount of people that will find you online.

Local SEO Services

If your business depends on clientele drawn from your specific region, getting national or international traffic is worthless to you. Then why pay for it? By using geographically specific search phases, along with local indexing services like Google Places, Yelp and YP Online we can greatly increase targeted views. Local SEO services will attract the clientele that you are looking for.

Pay Per Click Services

With these SEO services you do not pay for an online ad unless someone actually clicks on it and arrives on your site. We will manage your pay per click services campaign to maximize your click through rate while reducing the bounce rate on your site. The bounce rate is the amount of time a visitor remains and may click through to another page before leaving the site.

Organic SEO Services

Getting the most traffic to your site without accruing additional costs defines our Organic SEO Services. By utilizing proven methods of SEO obtained through tactical article marketing, links, local indexing and other methods that are our own learned from experience, local traffic will flow to you site without having to spend a great deal on advertising. Our Organic SEO has a proven track record of success.

Creating Rich Snippets

Snippets are the small amount of text that appears below your site name when appearing on a search page. This text should best describe exactly what the searcher is looking for, enticing him to click on your site, rather than another, in the same search results. We create these snippets to grab attention by short powerful sales copy and the analysis of the copy of your competition.

Search Engine Analytics

After we have began you SEO campaign we use Google Analytics to track the amount of traffic to your site. We can tell where the traffic is originating, which pages are receiving it and how long each visitor is remaining. Analytics allows us to measure our success and make any necessary adjustments.

We are Ready to Help You Grow

You have landed on our site because you are interested in developing a website that brings a high volume of traffic your way, which can be converted to business. You have arrived at the best place to accomplish just that. At Kando SEO Services we provide the ultimate in SEO Services for ecommerce and WordPress. All you need to do is fill out the simple form on this site and we will provide a free consultation. You will see when it comes to increasing business nothing can beat the Kando spirit of success.