Ecommerce Development

If you are selling a product or service on the internet, and receiving orders online, you need to your site to operate at optimal efficiency. A user friendly site will retain more customers leading to more sales. Our ecommerce development program will market your business effectively and produce a larger percentage of conversions to sales.

Bringing traffic to your site is part of the plan but that alone does not create sales. Sales are created by offering value, where there is demand while providing great customer service. Great customer service, on an ecommerce site, translates to user friendliness. This is achieved a result of ease of navigation and easy ecommerce credit card payment processing.

Ecommerce Website Development

To effectively generate on line orders your website must function in an efficient manner. You potential clients must first find you through searching online for a specific item or service. Once they find your site they must be able to locater exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily and then be able to place the order, and pay for it without any difficulty. There are several key components to a well-executed ecommerce development plan which include:

  • SEO – Search engine optimization is the key to a potential customer finding your site. This is accomplished by searching specifically for their needs through keywords. Keyword research tells us the most searched phases and terms and we can customize the content of your site to match these keywords.
  • Professional Web Content – Well written descriptions, will lead to greater conversion than those that are vague or non-descript.
  • Email Marketing – Offering a customer the option of subscribing to your site by email is an excellent and necessary strategy to keep your name if front of them at all times.
  • Value in Addition to Promotion – Offering a visitor to your site more than just a sales or catalog page engages the customer and creates familiarity. The visitor is more likely to remember you over your competition because you offered more value than just a picture and a price. That customer is also far more likely to subscribe to your email marketing campaign.
  • Ecommerce Credit Card Payment Processing – We will set up a processing system that is fast and easy to use. It will accept are major credit and debit cards including PayPal. Never lose an order due to limited purchasing options.
  • Ecommerce Shipping Solutions – We will use our ecommerce development skills to enable you to ship products by any of the major services including USPS, FedEx and UPS. We can also help you to arrive at a free shipping order minimum that is profitable and encourages your customer to order more products. Additionally we can show you why same day and next day shipping availability is important to making a sale.

With Kando ecommerce development your traffic will increase and your sales will too. Your repeat customer base will expand significantly and your new customer numbers will dramatically increase. Call or email us today to consult with an ecommerce expert and learn what Kando can do for your ecommerce business.