Keyword Research

Keyword research, for SEO strategy, is one of the main ingredients for a successful SEO campaign. Determining not only which keywords and phrases are searched by potential clientele most often, but also how often do these terms appear in competitors web pages, is critical in selecting the best ones. Using keyword research tools enables us to analyze the current search phrases most often used along with the frequency in which they appear on the web. A phrase that is used frequently, but is commonplace on the internet, has little value compared with one that is used less frequently and has little or no competition. A local search phrase like “cookies in Canarsie” is going to have little competition where “chocolate chip cookies” is going to be exorbitantly used. The first phrase is important to local searches the second is not at all.

Using Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Keyword planner is paramount for creating a search campaign or augmenting existing ones. With Keyword planner we are able to create keyword lists and access the history of keyword searches on Google, the number one search engine used by everyone. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is essential in building the foundation of every search campaign and determining marketing strategy.
  • Bing Keyword Research – Bing, the Microsoft competitor to Google, has gained a considerable market share and continues to grow rapidly in popularity. The differences in algorithms between Google and Bing make ranking of a site different very often in one than the other. As SEO strategists we cannot ignore Bing as a significant player in the search engine market. Using the Bing keyword research tool we are able to determine the best keywords and phrases that confirm to the different algorithms. It has been shown early on that Bing values the age of a site and the URL more than Google does. That is why determining strong keywords for a younger site is critical to Bing research. This leads to a much greater prominence on the internet and increases the number of visits to your site by a large margin as opposed to relying on Google alone.
  • Yandex Wordstat – Holding the largest market share among search engines in Russia, Yandex Wordstat is invaluable in Keyword Research for our Russian clientele. It contains special tools that can help promote your search network and marketing campaign in Russia and among Russian speakers worldwide. Russian speakers conducting search queries tend to use broader search terms with Russian being a complex language. At Kando we are proficient in Yandex Wordstat and how to determine the best keywords in the Russian language with the use of tools and filters.

At Kando we take great pride in our skills regarding keyword research. We will not be satisfied until every client attains a top ten ranking with all of the search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. We are in the enviable position to have mastered the science of keyword research and look forward to helping your business soar in the ranking. All you need to do is fill out the contact form on this site or give us a call. We will be pleased to provide a free consultation to show you where you can be in a very short while. Let us show you what we Kando for you today.